What is the Purpose of YouTube Comments? The Answer might Surprise You

Are you familiar with YouTube commenting? Do you ever wonder why it is there, or what its purpose might be? If so, you are not alone! By now, it is quite obvious that the vast majority of videos on YouTube have very few views. However, they are often accompanied by extensive comments from viewers who want to share their thoughts and reactions. It can be a great way to get more people to watch your video. However, the absence of comments can also make videos appear much less engaging than they really are. When users leave no comments, their videos will have a neutral appearance to other viewers and search engines. This can make it harder for users to find them later on. The presence of a few well-placed comments can go a long way toward improving a video’s organic visibility as well as its search engine optimization (SEO). So what is the purpose of YouTube Comments? Let’s look at some potential explanations…

What is the Purpose of YouTube Comments? The Answer might Surprise You

As we’ve seen, comments on YouTube can be used for a variety of purposes. However, there are a few reasons that are especially prominent in the minds of most marketers. Let’s take a closer look at these reasons and how you can use them to your advantage. 

– Video SEO – The presence of comments can help to improve video SEO. However, they are not essential for this. The majority of SEO issues stem from the fact that many people don’t even know the video exists. This can be easily avoided with the right video marketing strategy. But, if you choose to include comments, you can help to increase the number of search results that are relevant to your video. 

– User Engagement – The number one reason that marketers add comments to their videos is to increase the engagement of the viewers. That’s why many users buy YouTube comments to increase engagements. If a user sees a video comment, they have a much greater chance of being interested in watching the video. This will help to boost retention rates while also increasing the likelihood of a purchase. 

– Brand Building – While all of the above are great reasons to use comments, they are not the only ones! Comments can also be used to build your brand. By entering specific keywords and phrases into your comment section, you can help to improve your video rank for relevant keywords. This will allow you to rank for more specific terms related to your products or services.

YouTube Comments can be used to improve video SEO

One of the key reasons that many businesses choose to add comments to their YouTube videos is to help to improve their SEO. The fact that Google uses video content to determine which websites to rank is a significant giveaway. When a user searches for a term that is linked to your website, these are the pages that they are most likely to click on. SEO is a lot more complicated than simply adding a few keywords to your videos. A lot of it depends on how many times your videos get indexed. These days, a lot of what influences a video’s rank is the number of times that it gets indexed. Therefore, it is important to optimize as many different pages as possible. Now, although optimizing your videos for search terms is a great start, it is not enough. You also need to optimize your videos for the different aspects that Google uses to determine their rank. These include things like the video title, description and even the video metadata.

They can also improve user engagement and retention

One of the most important reasons to use YouTube comments is to help to improve user retention. You see, when you add comments to your videos, you are able to direct users to relevant products and services using your own branded keywords. This can boost retention rates significantly. By boosting retention, you will also help to improve the user experience. This includes reducing the likelihood of a user leaving your channel. This can be especially important if your channel is live. If this happens, YouTube will no longer be able to remind your viewers that your videos are there. This can leave them completely unaware of your content.

YouTube comments can be used to drive ad revenue

Another important reason to use YouTube comments is to drive ad revenue. This is especially useful if you are using an ad-supported method of monetization. Now, while YouTube ads can be effective, they can also be intrusive. This often leads to an unsatisfying experience for your audience and a loss of brand advocates. If you are using an ad-supported method of monetization, it can be difficult to generate a profit. This is where the comments section on your videos comes in! With the right strategy, you can use these comments to send targeted advertisements. This will help to drive additional revenue from the ads that you are already showing on your videos.

Comments on videos can help to build a community

As we’ve seen, YouTube comments can be used for so many different purposes. This means that they are also a great way to build a community. By adding comments to your videos, you will be able to introduce new people to your brand, products and services. You can do this without interrupting your regular content with unnecessary advertisements. As people begin to see the value of the content in your comments section, they are more likely to stick around and watch your videos without skipping any. This means that they are more likely to see your brand in their social feeds, helping to build your community. This can also lead to an increase in brand recall and an increase in brand advocacy.


The presence of comments on YouTube videos can be used for many different purposes. These include improving video SEO, boosting user retention and retention, increasing engagement and retention, boosting brand building and driving ad revenue. When used effectively, these comments can help to increase the visibility of your videos across all platforms. However, it is important to note that these comments are only visible to the viewers of the video. This means that they are not being seen by anyone outside of the community that is building around the YouTube channel. With this in mind, it is important to choose the best type of comments to maximize their impact.



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